Bintan at Glance

More know about Bintan Island

Bintan Island is part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. Located in close proximity to Singapore, which is to the north across the Straits of Singapore. Less than an hour away by high speed ferry from Singapore and within a 1.5 hour flight to Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. In the broader geo-political context, Bintan Island is well positioned in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle, which was established in 1994 to strengthen economic links in the region and optimize the complementary resources among the three countries.

The development of Bintan Resorts is along the Bintan’s northern coastline which consisted of high quality resort development offering a range of tourist accommodations and associated activities. PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala has the specific responsibility for resort operations and development on the island of Northern Bintan.

Island Size





Bahasa Indonesia, English


Malay, Javanese, Bugis, Chinese and Orang Laut


Tropical and humid, 24-31 degrees Celsius

Time Zone

GMT + 7:00, 1 hour behind Singapore


45km, 55 minutes by ferry from Singapore to Lagoi (Bintan International Resorts)

Sea Connectivity

Over 10 – 12 ferry trips to/from Singapore to Bintan Resorts every day 

Air Connectivity

  • Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport (formerly Kijang Airport)
  • Bintan Resorts International Airport (under construction)