Support Facilities

We delivers support facilities and services required for potential partners and to existing tenants

Bintan Resorts Staff Residential


Complete residential and amenities (township, food court and market, sport facilities, house of worship, port facility or working wharf for loading and unloading goods from other part of islands)

Bintan Resorts Security

Security System

Security in Bintan Resorts is our utmost attention. Our security personnel working closely with Indonesian government security and with full support of local police and Indonesia Navy. Security is further enhanced through control of access into and out of Bintan Resorts via both sea and land links.

Clinic Medical Facilities Bintan Resorts

Puskesmas Clinic

We cooperate with local government as the main provider of the public health centre (tourism’s clinic) in Bintan Resorts. Furthermore, we maintain close coordination with local health authority for any health related matters..

Schools, Vocational Schools and Polytechnic for children of workers

Yayasan Karyawan PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala has been in existence since 2001 to pioneered Tunas Bangsa Playgroup and Kindergarten. 

Five years after, Yayasan formed primary school in 2006 as a continuation of the Kindergarten. This initiative was triggered by the 10th anniversary of PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala. During that time, the management saw big numbers of kept losing good staffs that were moving out. The reason of moving out mostly because to giving better education to their children at outside of Bintan Island.

The initiative started in November 2005 by gathering info and conducting a pre-survey to numbers of parents of prospective children. The project started a movement in January 2006, with a formal proposal submitted to the education office in Bintan Regency.

In 2013, PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala changed the name the foundation into Yayasan Bintan Resort which aimed for educational purposes. The foundation continued to form more advanced educational level in Bintan Resorts from secondary, high, vocational school and the Polytechnic.

Our School Partners