Function and Responsibilities

Bintan Resort Cakrawala has the specific responsibility for resort operations, maintenance of infrastructure and the development of the northern Bintan

Area of involvements

The management of development consultants such as planners, architects, landscape, environment specialist and engineers.

The development and maintenance of infrastructure, support facilities, and community development.

Investment and destination marketing.

Our Principal Infrastructure Components and Involvement

Function responsibilities Electricity


We generate and deliver power to our varied tenants within Bintan Resorts. Furthermore, the system is designed with redundancy to cope with potential surges in electricity consumption. We have 4 generators to provide our customer 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. In addition, we handling peak loads of approximately 81MW, 11MW and 8.2MW respectively. Maintain an adequate reserve supply of fuel, sufficient for 15 to 60 days; and 24-hour security and regular inspections.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Water


We provide treated water from the water treatment plant. The potable water supply system is accordance with WHO standard and distributed to all resorts.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Fire Safety


The centrally located operation headquarters for the Fire & Safety Department of Bintan Resorts. It is also based for 2 fire engines, 1 Fast Response Fire Jeep and a team of approximately 70 firemen.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Sewage

Sewage Treatment Water

Several modular sewerage treatment plants have been built through modular sewage treatment units. In addition, the recycled effluent will be used for irrigation purposes. We ensure that effluent is safe for the environment and follow the standard set by local authority.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Road Works


We maintain the roads system within Bintan Resorts to access the initial resort development with the primary “east-west arterial road”. Stretching 12.5 km from the arrival at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal and continuing to the east along the coast. This trunk road will eventually expand 35 km (22mi) in its final stage, connecting all of the Bintan Resorts territories. Roads networks also being built for 20.25 km at Lagoi Bay as new development phase of Bintan Resorts.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal

Ferry Terminal

PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala manages the operation of Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, a privately owned ferry terminal. Located right in the heart of Bintan Resorts, as the only method of direct arrival for tourist from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. The transportation mode using a high-speed ferry operated by Bintan Resorts Ferries Pte. Ltd. (sister company of PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala). Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal has daily ferry services from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. In addition, Bintan Lagoon Resorts runs its own ferry service from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal directly to this resort.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Land Fill

Sanitary Land Fill Site

The Landfill site incorporates state-of-the art engineering design to protect BBIR’s water resources and human health. It has a capacity of 167,000 m3. It also has separate landfill for construction waste and a recycling area.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Townships


It includes housing for up to 7,000 resort employees, market, food centre, religious and recreational facilities, and infrastructure of water, power, sewage treatment and telecom distribution.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Telecommunication

Telecommunication System

Modern telecommunication facilities. The system carters for 2,000 telephone lines and is capable of being upgraded to 5,000 lines when needed. The operator is by Batam Bintan Telecommunication.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Integrated Master Planning

Integrated Master Planning

We properly condition and manage to accommodate the complex needs of our varied tenants, investors in our properties while protecting the region’s natural environment. We ensure that development should be well master-planned to maximise natural features, protects the environment and aesthetically important areas as well as strategically zones all of the land uses. We strongly ensure an environmentally sensitive development and that all executions must follow Indonesia’s regulations and policy.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Plaza Lagoi

Plaza Lagoi

Public Recreational Facility and Shopping Center for general visitors. Opened in 2015 as a modern and contemporary shopping complex with deft Indonesian touches, and can be reached via the free shuttle service from most resorts and the ferry terminal. From Indonesia gifts and souvenirs, recreational facilities such as sea sport, fun-rides and so forth, cultural artefacts, fashion, dining to necessities, most can be found under Plaza Lagoi’s roof as facility for public.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Bintan Service Apartment

Bintan Service Apartment & Hostel

We have transformed some housing facilities into budgeted and convenient accommodation as alternative options apart from other accommodation available in Bintan Resorts, targeted for segmented market or workers and we also directly manage the operation and services of the facilities for the guests/short and long stayer through our Business Development Department.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Community Development

Community Development

Our goal is to build and maintain a stable, harmonious and healthy relations with local community living in the vicinity of Bintan Resorts. The target of community covers a total of 7 seven villages located in the North of Bintan and community programs of Education Assistance, Social Assistance and Village Enterprise.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Other Services

Other Services and Conservancy

Other services included security, vector monitoring, environment, and health support as well as a clinic of tourism (public health center). We also provide estate and township maintenance such as road and drainage, buildings and drainage and have a 24-hour Crisis Center. We also work closely with all tenants and resorts operators in addressing their needs to ensure the success of Bintan Resorts as a holiday destination.

Function responsibilities Bintan Resorts Investment and Destination Marketing

Investment and Destination Marketing

Bintan Resorts has been earmarked for leisure and tourism developments. The projects undertaken so far have already enhanced the island’s appeal as an attractive holiday getaway. PT. Bintan Resorts Cakrawala through its team of Business Development Department broadens its marketing spotlight to the pool of rich cultural attractions, nature sites as well as local hangout spots on Bintan Island for visitors.

We involve in developing, promoting and marketing many tourist attractions   and activities in the area of:

  • Sightseeing and Heritage Tour around the island
  • International events: Lagoi Bay Development is also has elevated this popular destination to even greater heights. As for marketing efforts to promote Bintan Resorts as a destination and increase arrivals, PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala is also directly involved in conducting some yearly events with the collaboration with many partners and event organizers such as; Tour de Bintan, Bintan Triathlon, Mandiri Bintan Marathon, Ironman Bintan and Kasmarun that are yearly held at Lagoi Bay.
  • Culinary experiences
  • And upcoming tourist-related attraction projects